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Getting started guide

A funny thing happened on my way to middle age. I became an athlete. And not just any athlete, but a runner 5K to marathon a cyclist, a duathlete, a triathlete and a half Ironman triathlete. I even became an adventure racer. All without taking a running step until I was 43 years old.

I forgot to mention that I was an awful athlete. I wasn't just a merely mediocre athlete. I was awful. I was slow. Glacier slow. A slow runner, a slow cyclist, and a ridiculously slow swimmer. But I was having more fun than I had ever had.

I was having so much fun that I didn't even know that I wasn't any good.

When I became an athlete, even the awful, terrible, embarrassing athlete that I was, I suddenly found myself encountering the world as an athlete. I started to look forward to exerting myself. I started to like the feeling I got from the honest effort of trying to do just a little more that I thought I was capable of doing.

As an athlete I came to grasp the need to move my body. I understood that sitting behind a desk all day was not what my body was designed to do. Once I was an athlete I learned to enjoy the simple movement of my body. I smiled when I ran or cycled or swam. I could skip again and jump again and walk as far as I wanted without getting tired.

I had been released from a life of sedentary confinement.

It isn't what you do that makes you an athlete. It isn't how fast or how far or personal bests. It's waking up every day knowing that you will take on whatever the world has for you that day as an athlete. You will embrace the challenges, physical, emotional, and spiritual, because you know that as an athlete it's the challenges that make you stronger.

All you need is the Courage to Start.